Monday, June 12, 2017


I'm a fraud...a faker!  My brand/blog name is so WRONG.  I'm definitely not Mrs. D anymore - I haven't been since 2013.......and now I won't be teaching my sweet firsties anymore, either!  Since my divorce in 2013, I've contemplated switching my blog name but got overwhelmed with the amount of time that would take.  But, now that I'm switching grade levels to Kindergarten, none of the parts of my blog name are true anymore.... I feel like it might be time to switch?  Maybe?

Nah...too much work.  You all won't judge, right?

Anywho, I've been working on all things LETTERS.  I know one of my biggest hurdles will be making sure all of my sweet Kindergartners learn all of their letters and sounds.  I have so many great letter identification activities, games, and centers (in my head).

Here's a little freebie for ya... just for fun.  I plan on using these for letter identification in my sensory bin.  You could use them as flashcards for beginning of the year assessments/data, for a write the room activity (when students are identifying letters), or add them to your alphabet anchor charts.... they're pretty simple and versatile! Enjoy!

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