Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sub Tub Stress!

Luckily, in 9 years of teaching, I've never had an emergency sick day.  Oh, hold on, just gotta' knock on wood!  ;)  I've been sick and I have taken personal days but I've always been able to prepare for the sub the day before.

I've had 9 years of awesome {no-need-for-emergency-plans} luck....and I'm worried that day will come when I'll have nothing ready for the sub.

No more chancing it....I decided I HAD to make a Sub Tub during my Winter Break! :)

It's stressing me out though! Ugh, I hate seeming like that crazy classroom teacher with 10 pages of sub plans....and that's where I'm headed.  Honestly, I've gotten together some simple, straight forward lessons for each subject.  But, then I worry that I'm not giving enough direction or I'm giving too much direction.   Too much is better than not enough, right?

Also, I'm tempted to make this sub tub awesome enough to leave anytime I'm out - planned or unplanned.

I DESPISE typing up sub plans the day before I'm out. I've found that when I leave actual content for the sub to teach or work that should be used as a grade, I'm usually left reteaching and redoing.  I don't blame the subs though....I have a pretty crazy special class.  Like any other first grader, they like to have some fun while their teacher is out.  

So, I guess I've made up my mind.  The Sub Tub will be used for all of my days out.  Easy prep, easy for the sub, and then easy for the students! Whew, thanks for letting me talk that out! ;)

I'm not even close to being done but here's a little sneak peek at my schedule and some of the important information I'm going to be leaving in the tub.
P.S. I LOVE how Kimberly Geswein's fonts just make everything prettier! :) 

That's what I have so far.  I need to get the activities copied, get the read aloud books together, and I need to come up with a list of time fillers/extra activities for down time.  Oh!  I also need a pretty little Sub Tub label for the front! :)

Ahhh I feel pretty accomplished.  Check back soon for the finished product!

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