Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pinterest MAKEOVER!

I have been wanting to fix up my Pinterest boards for a long time now.  Something about them - the crazy, scattered ideas - bothered me A LOT.  I like things uniform and organized...and although you'd think Pinterest boards do that, it's just not enough.

I was reading up on the Monday Made-Its on 4th Grade Frolics and stumbled upon the directions to create uniform, neat, amazing Pinterest board covers.  Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files explained it so clearly - it was a piece of cake (a time-consuming piece of cake though...haha). I've spent the last 3 hours re-vamping mine and I'm SO happy with the results!

Here's a screen shot of what my page looks like....ahhhhh... Neat.  Organized. Happy!

Check out my Pinterest page HERE!

I have ANOTHER showing for my house (along with a fun open house!) so I have to cut this blog post short.  I've had 7 showings in the last 7 days and it's driving me bonkers!  I'm so excited because people are interested in my house but I'm so sick of grabbing my doggy and trying to find somewhere for us to go for an hour or two.  But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!  :)

Here's a pic of my little guy - who has been SO "go with the flow" lately....letting me drag him places at the most random times... he's the best!

Check back tomorrow because I'll be joining the Monday Made-It linky... I made some super cute things! :)

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