Monday, December 10, 2012

Tell Me Something Good - Christmas!

I'm linking up with Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade to tell you something good!  Click the picture to head over to her blog to link up!!

Something Good from School:
I am amazed at all of the progress my kids are making... especially with their writing!  Last week we worked on informational writing.  They picked something they were really good at and explained how to do it in three steps (using "first", "next", and "last").  It was hard getting them to pre-write, but when that was all said and done, their paragraphs came out GREAT!  Proud teacher moment!

Something Good from Home:
The Christmas tree is up!  I was dreading putting it up... but, I forgot how much I enjoy it.  The best is  when it gets dark out and all you have lighting up the living room is the beautiful Christmas tree.  LOVE.  My wonderful hubby "fluffed" our branches and put the lights on all by himself.  He's so sweet!

Gifts Purchased in the Past:
My husband is a HUGE computer nerd... so, most of his gifts are technology, video game, or computer related.  Like Jennifer, I've purchased a Harmony remote ( long ago that I don't even know if he uses it anymore?).  Last year I think I just got him a $100 gift card to GameStop.  Although I don't like giving gift cards, I figured he could use it to buy a game or two in the future.  I already bought his Christmas gift this year and it is AWESOME.  I can't write about it because I'm afraid he would read it!  So, it'll be hush-hush until after Christmas!

This is unrelated to Christmas, but I recently bought my husband this shirt from Kohls.  It describes him perfectly....

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  1. good mrs. defirsties you good at saying christmas good things