Thursday, June 8, 2017


It's officially summer break!  I've spent it (so far) by working on my house.

Last year, I had the foundation on my house rebuilt.  Whew, it took all summer and was a WAY bigger project than I ever expected.  Three walls were completely rebuilt, everything was waterproofed, front steps rebuilt, and the sewer pipe was replaced.  With those GOOD things came a lot of mess - they "leveled" the front yard - they just spread clay dirt all over the front yard...ugh.  I didn't have any a/c, most days/nights I had a basement wall completely missing, no kitchen sink for a while, and no washing machine for the summer.   They also had to take down the brick from the side and back of the house because the walls were so cracked- it would've been dangerous to try to hold it up while they rebuilt walls.  So, after everything was finished, my dad and I had to put siding up on the side and back of the house.  No fun at all.

Since everything was torn up - all the flower beds around the house and the entire front yard, my boyfriend and I have spent the last few weeks making it all pretty again.  Thank goodness he's so handy!

Here are pictures from when they were working on the house... oh memories.
 No more front steps!  They also had to replace that patch of brick because it was so messed up.

 That's the corner of the house.... no front or side basement walls.  Thank goodness I live in a safe area because I slept without basement walls MANY nights! Hah.

 This is from the basement, looking outside.

 Enjoying the sunshine and breeze from inside the basement.  ;-)

 This is the front of the house... the part that we've fixed up this summer!

Oh boy....where are the basement walls?!

Now here are some pics of what we've done so far....:-) :-)
 Ignore the sidewalk covered in dirt and mud.  :-)

This little bed needs more mulch, but everything is planted.  Grow bushes, grow!

Next up: paint the shutters, get river rocks delivered for the side by the driveway, and then it's time to work INSIDE the house!

I'm having someone come out to measure for new kitchen cabinets this weekend.  SO.. get ready to see some fun pictures of the kitchen.  You'll love my current 1950's cabinets.  ;-)  Ugh, I can't wait to get rid of them.

I hope you're having a productive summer, too!

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