Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time For a Name Change?

I think my blog is in SERIOUS need of some updating.

First, I'm not Mrs. D anymore!  (I got divorced 2 years ago.....).  I'm back to Ms. R. now  :) 

Secondly, I see so many CUUUUUUTE blog designs all over blogland and I WANT ONE.  I'm not opposed to spending the money....the only thing holding me back is the work it'll take to change it.

Talk about AMAZING designs though...... I'm OBSESSED with

Gabbys Classrooms

Mrs. D's Firsties is on EVERYTHING.  TPT, Instagram, Facebook, ALL of my products.  I don't have a huge following, so the name isn't very well-known.  But, switching my blog name means I have some serious changes to make on everything else. I'd have to change every product with my button or link.  It's kinda like getting married or divorced...changing your name on everything STINKS. 

So.... do I change the name?  Do I just stick with it?  What do I do?  Ahh.  Help me! 


  1. Gabby does amazing designs at a very reasonable price! Maybe she could give you more info on changing everything since she is on tpt also.

  2. I literally JUST changed my blog/store name and got a blog makeover. It wasn't too bad. I did it a little bit at a time. There are so many different people out there who do blog designs, especially for teachers now, and for a pretty reasonable price too. I say go for it!!

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