Monday, February 16, 2015

Is It Too Late for Five for Friday?!

I'm super late to the Five for Friday party!  Oopsies!

Please forgive me... and catch up with some of the things that happened last week! :) 

 We did some Valentine's Day fun in the classroom last week.  We read some lovey dovey books.   One that we read was That Yucky Love Thing.  My students LOVED it.  It's not really a valentine book but it was about love, so we read it!

Then we read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose and did this fun sequencing activity that goes along with the book. 

I found this cute little printable on TpT by Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

 We also wrote about what love means to us.  The students' responses were sooooooooooo sweet. :)

Here are some from the students!
His dad is giving his pregnant mom a kiss! AW! 

This is from one of the boys in my class.  To him, love is when his friend (another one of my students) gives him a hug before he goes home.  SWEET! And look at that heart over the I.  These kids make my heart happy. :) 

Look at all those hearts!  Usually I'm a stickler for a correctly dotted i....but not on Valentine's Day! ;)

Here is mine!  Ah, I love my Tobey!

 My little students are becoming such better readers!  But......we had a slight setback in my lowest reading group.  They were having SUCH a hard time reading sentences.  It was probably a bad day.  We went back to our words to practice sounding out.   :)

 I adore my class this year.  They are SO into learning.  During inside recess last week, they asked if they could use the fluency cards that I use at reading groups.   OF COURSE!  Any chance to foster their love of learning, right?  Here they super cute.

Here's the best part - the boy (who was acting like the teacher) told the others that he's going to "work their booties off"!  WHAT?!  I asked him where he heard that.... and apparently I say that all the time.  Embarrassing! :)

Ugh, inside recess is driving me CRAZY.  Thank goodness for GoNoodle.  Have you seen the Inside Recess Brain Break Mega Mixes?! I'm LOVING IT!  We did the 13 minute one the other day.  AHHH it just kept the students so interested and busy.  LOVE!

I went to the Home and Garden Show with my boyfriend this weekend and we had sooo much fun.  Going anywhere with him is fun.  Here we are in front of the funhouse mirrors. :) I wish I was always that tall and skinny!
P.S....he doesn't have a cane... ;)  That's a 3 foot beef chew he bought for his doggy. :) :)

Whew, long post!  Thanks for sticking it out 'til the end! :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Those kiddos are so sweet with what they think love is! I love when my kiddos are teachers. It's a good way to see your impact on them! I'm so jealous of your gonoodle! We are in an upstairs classroom so my kiddos can't move around and dance because it's too noisy for the class downstairs:(
    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment! Luckily we're downstairs so we jump our hearts out during GoNoodle! The class above us does Zumba sometimes and it sounds like a herd of elephants! ;) Maybe you could try out the calm videos on GoNoodle? My kids love those, too! Enjoy your night!