Friday, February 6, 2015

Check Out My Sub Tub!

Well, my sub tub is finalllllllly done.  I find myself adding, revamping, and changing it constantly though.

Here's what she looks like!

Wanna read all about it? 

I put it into a plastic hanging file storage container.  All of the content areas are in their own file and their own hanging file folder.  Let me tell you.... it is jam packed.  I can't fit the lid on it because of my tall binder. 

About that binder... I put all of the important information in it. 

It has our daily schedule....

Extra info and procedures, safety drill information, information about some of my "special" kids, etc.

Okay, back to the actual tub... each file folder has a page in a page protector that gives an overview of the content area.  It also lists extra time-filler activities for each subject.  Here are some examples:

Here are my Reading plans.   I added a few books with activities - most with worksheets or activities that review story elements or sequencing.

Here are my Science Plans - Magic School Bus DVDs and books!  So simple for a sub!

I also put an extra file folder in the back that has rewards, stickers, and extra pencils. :)

I'm going to use mine for every absence - planned or not.  Do you have a sub tub?  Do you use it for every absence?

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