Sunday, February 8, 2015

50% off! & Sunday Scoop!

Happy Sunday!

I'm LOVING our tiny warm-up here in Northeast Ohio (40 degrees....woo hoo!)!   

My little Tobey loves when there is snow on the ground {but without the frigid temps}.  Here is what he likes to do on our walks.  ;)  Silly guy!

This week we took out our Flip & Read Sight Word Sentences from Lakeshore Learning.  My students love them because you can make SOOOOO many sentences from just one book.  I love it because it is repetitive and the students feel proud because they are reading. :) 

Aaaannnnnnd...... for the fun of it, I'm discounting my top three FAVORITE products in my store....  50% off!  Today and tomorrow ONLY!  Click on any of the pictures below to check them out! 

#1 - Print & Go CVC Words GALORE!

45 pages of coloring, cutting, gluing, reading, and writing CVC words!  
ONLY $3.00 today and tomorrow!

#2 - CVC Cut & Paste Flap Books

9 Cut & Paste Flap Books for only $1.25 today and tomorrow! :) :)

#3 - Fluency Cards (long e words, spelled ee/ea)
40 Fluency Cards that have sentences with long e words (spelled ea, ee)!  
Only $1.00 today and tomorrow!

Make sure you stop by my store and check out the 2 day deals on my 3 favorite products!  Don't forget to follow me for more sales and freebies!

Now it's time to link up with Teaching Trio for one of my FAVORITE weekly linkies! :) SUNDAY SCOOP!

Ok, the weekend is almost over and it's time to plan, plan, plan for our fun Valentine's week! :) 


  1. What Valentine's Day activities do you do? Sounds fun! :)

  2. I am so excited for Valentine's Day!! We are going to celebrate friendships and KINDNESS all day long!!! I can't wait to see what you do!!