Monday, January 26, 2015

Mondays! Yay!

I'm a morning person for sure.  I'm okay with Mondays, too.  

I'm especially excited about today because I get to use my new Fluency Cards with my Reading groups! :)

I have been using these CVC word Fluency Cards for a couple of weeks.  But, my little students are doing SO well with the CVC words in the sentences.  It's time for a challenge! 

That's why I made these.....

Fluency Cards with CVCe words! Each sentence has at least one CVCe word.  Some sentences mix CVC and CVCe words for an extra challenge. :) 

There are so many ways to use the cards, but here's the game we play.  I'm not even sure you could call it a game?  :)  Each student gets one card.  As soon as they can read it, they raise their hand.  When they read the card to me correctly, they get another card.  The game keeps going until all of the cards are used.  The person with the most cards wins! 

I only play this "game" in small groups... because my kids are SUPER readers, so I can barely keep up with passing out cards. :) 

Click either of the pictures to check them out! 

Happy Monday! 

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