Sunday, January 4, 2015


I'm done.....

with this beauty!

She's a big one....over 200 pages.  Over 250 vocabulary words and definitions!  Over 250 flashcards! Yikes.

It is a MUST HAVE if you use the Lead 21 Reading program.  Vocabulary is SO important - especially when our kiddos get older and start the state standardized testing.  But, Lead 21 doesn't really do much with the vocabulary words. 

These hundreds of words and definitions were taken directly from the differentiated readers.  Each level (intensive, strategic, benchmark, and advanced) shares one weekly word and has two of their own words, specific to their weekly readers.

My students, no matter what reading level, get 3 vocabulary words to learn each week.  By Friday, they need to know the definitions and how to use the words in a sentence. I've used these weekly vocab word study guides for years, but just recently prettied them up for you!

So, check it out.  Whether you use Lead 21 or not, it would be an awesome addition to your classroom!

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