Saturday, January 24, 2015

First Timer Five for Friday!

I know, it's Saturday.  Oops!  :) I have been waiting to join this linky allllll week so, whether it's Friday or Saturday, I'm linking up!

I'm especially excited about it because I was ON TOP of taking pictures this week in my classroom.

So, here we go!
We started off our week with NEW "readers".  We use little things (erasers, candy, manipulatives) to help touch the words.  My lowest readers had the hardest time understanding that each time we say a word, we need to touch the written word.  But, who doesn't love touching words when you can hold something fun? Thank you Target for always having cute, cheap erasers! :)

 Speaking of you see anything wrong here?

Yep....those are not Addition and Subtraction Equation Building Cards!  Oh was a new, cheap activity or my early finishers to use. :)

We were measuring like CRAZY this week.  We started our measurement unit by using nonstandard units.  We used cubes and then eventually got to use links.  :)  Yay.
I found the "Measuring With Cubes" from Joyful Learning in KC. I was looking up measurement with cubes activities on Pinterest and came across the snowman idea.  I'm not sure who originally thought of it because there are SO many other people that have done it. :) 

 We have been using some new things in our classroom thanks to DonorsChoose!  I had 2 projects funded!  YAYYYYY!  We were lucky enough to get some new "learning activities" (educational activities that my students use when they are done with their work).  AND...I'm the new owner of a binding machine!  :)  I can't wait to bind my heart out! ;)

Here's one of the "learning activities" that we got!

We have been working on long vowel sounds while reviewing short vowel sounds.  My students LOVE my Fluency Cards.  We play a game where they are given a card and as soon as they can read it, they can get another card.  It's all about accuracy and speed.  The person with the most cards at the end wins.  :)

Check out my Fluency Cards by clicking on the picture. :)

I had so much fun with this linky!  You should link up, too! :)


  1. Those little erasers are super cute and I'm sure your students loved using them to read! I love Target's dollar section and always seem to find something I "have to have" when I shop there! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  3. Hi Janet! Found your blog through the Doodle Bugs #fiveforfriday linky and I love your blog design! I linked up with Doodle Bugs for the first time three weeks ago and it's quickly becoming a highlight to connect to new bloggers! Love your fluency cards, I'm going to go head over to TPT to check them out! Enjoy your weekend!


    Teach Talk Inspire

  4. Janet, I love your fluency cards! We are also in the midst of long vowels, but I have so many little friends who still need practice on CVC words. Thanks for sharing.
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

    1. Thanks so much and thanks for stopping by! I'm heading over to your blog right now! :)