Monday, December 22, 2014

A Perfect Day Before Winter Break!

I had such a fun, happy day with my first graders last Friday!  :)  We had a Polar Express, Pajama, Pancake, Pizza, and Pop party!   Let me tell was near impossible to calm them down.  But, it was so fun!

Not only did my little cuties dress up in their pjs, I did too!  Ahhhh...if only I could wear pjs to school every day.

They walked into the room and it was all decorated - red "tablecloths" (it was really red bulletin board paper), huge coloring pictures, and fun treat bags from me.  The ohh's and aww's just made my heart smile!  They were so excited and kept giving me hugs.  It made my morning perfect! :)

I forgot to take a picture of their tables, but here are the bags I gave them.

While they colored and played with their new things from their treat bags, I cooked pancakes for them - full of red and green sprinkles, red and green mini m&m's and chocolate chips.  SUGAR RUSH!

We read Polar Express later in the day and watched the movie at the end of the day.  While we were watching the movie, we had pizza, cookies, and pop.  Whew!  We were stuuuuffffed.

I really hope they had a memorable day because I sure did!  :)  :)