Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NEW! I love NEW!

Who dreads the school supply sale ads coming out?  NOT this girl!  I LOVE new school supplies.  I love new things in general.  When school supplies come out, I can't wait to get to the store and snatch some good deals up.

The best thing to get new?  Mr. Sketch smelly markers.  They are a MUST HAVE.  I have tons and tons.  And, although I love new and fresh, I can't seem to throw them away when they run out of yummy, smelly ink.  Hm, weird.  

Of course, I picked up a new pack of the normal pack of Mr. Sketch smelly markers. BUT...look what I found!!

Mr. Sketch MOVIE PACK! Ah! 

Let me tell you...the buttery popcorn was SPOT on.  It was almost like chewing on one of those buttered popcorn Jelly Belly jellybeans (GAG!).  To be honest, the nacho cheese made me want to puke a little. It's just not right to be smelling nacho cheese from a marker.  The others were great though! :)  So worth the $5.47 or whatever it was.  Oh, I got them at Walmart.  :)

While I was at Walmart, I picked up 30 boxes of crayons, 30 notebooks, and 30 folders for my class.  Most of my students come to school with NOTHING, so I like to hit up the sales and stock up. 

Oh, and I'm neurotic and like my students to have a nice, already labeled, green go-home folder (all the same green/all the same folder), a nice, fresh (NEW!) pack of crayons, and an already labeled journal. :)  Call it what you want - OCD, neurotic, control freak....

I also got some NEW fun crayons/markers and stuff for my SUPER SUPPLIES in my BEST BEHAVIOR BINDER (read a little about it here) and some glue, for when we run out mid-year.  :) 

I bought lots of BRAND NEW packs of markers for myself because I love grading in markers (especially the fine tip ones).  

Did I mention that I love new school supplies?  :) :) :) 

I go back to work tomorrow.................. :(

.......Happy Tuesday!

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