Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Aligned and Mapped!

SAD FACE.  I'm back at work today....

At the beginning of my summer, I had a goal of aligning the Language Arts, Spelling, Social Studies, and Science programs with our Reading program (Lead 21).  It was  HUGE task...but, I just finished it!  Lead 21 has so many components.  Last year, with it being the first year we used it, I just didn't take advantage of everything it has to offer. 

This school year will be so different!  Everything is aligned and mapped out.  I know exactly what I'm teaching each week for the entire year!  The best part, it's all aligned with Lead 21 - lessons will flow and students will be making SO many connections.  I hope it helps my first graders make sense of everything they're learning.  It'll be more of a "theme" each week, rather than random choppy lessons here and there. 

Here's what one month of my little calendar looks like :) 

I think I might go back and color code the different content areas so it's easier to find each.  But, for now, it'll do.  

It has Reading, ELA, Social Studies/Science, Writing, and Phonics/Spelling.  I left out our Math program (My Math) because I like how it flows and it seems to make sense how it is. 

This map will help me pick out the perfect morning work, independent activities, read alouds, and will be the BEST THING for when I'm planning my lessons.  I can look ahead and be so organized!  :)  I love NEW... and organization! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer while I'm sitting through PDs.  I'm jealous!


  1. Hi Janet,

    Wow! You are so organized. We have outdated programs that are not aligned to the Common Core, so we are pulling from here and there. I would love to do something like this by themes. Thank you for the idea. I have about a month before I'm back at school. I think I'll try to make a map of at least the first semester.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

    1. Hi Mona! Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your planning! :)