Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Happy Wednesday!

I've been super busy making new digital papers to put in my TpT store! I've decided to put ALL of my 51 digital paper packs on can read all about the BIG SALE below! :) :)

Here are some of the ways I use the digital papers:

Parent Communication: 
I use the digital papers as backgrounds to reminder notes or notes home to parents.  Here's an example of one of the reminders I've sent home.

I also use the digital papers as backgrounds for our report cover pages. :)

This one was used on one of my newsletters!

In The Classroom:
I also use my digital papers in my flipcharts on my Promethean board! :)

Here's a screenshot of what is on my Promethean board when my first graders walk in each morning.

On My Products:
Check out all of the products in my TpT store!  Almost all of the cover pages are digital papers that I've created.  :)  The colors and fun patterns make products POP!

I have so many fun packs of digital papers in my store and THEY ARE ALL ON SALE!  :)

Here are some of my best sellers (and my faves)...!

I have 51 packs of digital papers - all on sale - 20% off!  That makes some of them just $1.60 for 15+ digital papers! Go on, check 'em's a short sale! 

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