Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break Heaven....Plus a Giveaway!

Ahhh.... Spring Break.  It feels good.  :)

Yesterday was a nice, relaxing day.  I woke up to my husband's alarm going off and was so happy to fall right back asleep.  :)

I spent way too much money at Target... of course.  I also went to the pet store to buy my Tobey some bully sticks and pork pizzles.  Ever heard of them?  They are... ummm.... bull (or pig)... ummmm  private parts.  You know what I'm saying?  Sound tasty, huh?  Ew.  But, Tobey loves them.  They are completely digestible and don't splinter like other rawhides/bones.   So, anywho, I stocked up on some pork pizzles.

There he is chowing down on his pizzle. :)

I also got him a new bed.  He has about 7 beds in the house but he could always use another, right?  It looks really comfy... I just hope he uses it! 

I was all ready to show you pictures of all of Tobey's beds... but, I started typing it out and I realized how insane I would sound describing how crazy-spoiled my dog is.  So, moving on...

I made some new digital papers that I'd like to giveaway!  If you are interested in the papers, please leave a comment (and your email address) below.  I'll have my husband pick a number and that person will win the pack!   Who needs fancy number generators when I have a perfectly capable hubby, right? ;)

Here is the MEGA "Spring Has Sprung" Pack!  There are 35 papers!  They are all 12 x 12 and 300 dpi.  :)  Leave a comment to *hopefully* win them!  I will pick the winner sometime on Sunday so you gotta' hurry!

Happy Saturday! :)


  1. Nice colors!

  2. Love all of the spring colors!


  3. Very cute!!

    P.s. I totally understand the spoiled dog thing, and having to stop yourself from talking too much about it because other people look at you funny ;)

  4. I just used one of your other FREEBIE backgrounds to make the cute image on my post at I had never created my own little picture to put on my blog before. Usually I make posters and classroom materials but seeing as I wanted a graphic I tried a background paper for the first time. I think the one you made is perfect for my "What's Your Secret Easter Bunny Name?" graphic. I hope you like it...thanks for the chance to win more awesome backgrounds! I LOVE them!

  5. These papers are adorable!! I'd love to win them! :) love_learn_teach (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. Our pups have like 5 beds around the house. There is always room for more! I adore those papers, they are adorable!! :)

  7. Your pup Tobey is adorable! We are familiar with bully sticks in our house. Disgusting as they might be, the pups love them! They have also been said to help clean their teeth. We try to get no odor ones...that makes it a little less yucky! Our young pup is a big chewer and goes too fast with the bully sticks so we give her elk or deer antlers. Have you tried those? They have lasted about 3 months and are still going! Have a great Spring Break!

    :) Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

    1. I've heard about the antlers and I've always wanted to buy one for Tobey. I will next time I'm out. :) My husband picked #7 and that was you! I emailed you the link to the digital papers. :) Enjoy!

  8. Love the papers! wendy

  9. Wow! These are great! I would love them. My classroom is in chevron rainbow colors so this would make everything of mine even cuter!!!

  10. Love the bright colors! Would help bring in the spring colors into our room. We need spring with all the snow we have had this school year!!!

  11. I love the papers :) Your dog is adorable!!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  12. I love those papers! So pretty and springy! :)

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