Saturday, March 23, 2013


Happy Saturday!  The best day of the week.  :)

My new year's resolution was to be more positive.  I feel like I've made tiny baby steps with this resolution but have a lot more work to do.  I came across article and thought the list had some really good tips.  It is 22 things happy people do differently.  Check it out here.

I really need to work on #5.  I'm more of a realistic goal setter.  I squash more poor husband's big dreams all the time, too.  :)  I need to take a lesson from my hubs and this article:  dream big!

#11 is reallllly hard for me, too.  I always compare myself to other people.  I don't do this so much at work or at home.  But, I definitely have a little jealousy bug when it comes to the really successful bloggers and TpTers.  I love my faithful followers (thank you!!) but I just want to know how someone could get thousands or followers.  I guess it takes some time. :)

I'm working on #17 and #18.  I'm eating well and exercising lately (yay for P90X!).  I feel much better but my exercise high is slowing down... and I'm craving salt and sweets.  :(

I'm going to bookmark that article and revisit it lots so I can keep myself in check!

And... to spread the happiness, I made a little FREEBIE just for you!

Here is my Funny Bunny Rhymes rhyming activity!

There are 16 pairs of rhyming words and a recording sheet included.  It's cute, simple, and perfect for Easter!

 Just click either picture below to grab it and thanks for making me so happy!

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