Friday, February 1, 2013

Late Bday Present and Behavior!

My birthday was great yesterday.  The kids spoiled me with handmade goodies and my closest teacher friends spoiled me with some great presents.  :)  And, once I got home, the spoiling continued!

And.... mother nature even gave me a birthday present (a day late)!  It was windy, snowy, and cold this morning so we got a snow day!  Snow days are the best on Friday because it gives you a nice, long weekend.  :)

I thought I'd write about what I do for behavior management/rewards in my classroom.  This year I've been blessed with little angels so I don't really have too many consequences.  But, I'm constantly trying to find new ways to reward all of the good behavior.  So... here's what I do...

I use a clip chart.  I came across the idea over 2 years ago when I stumbled upon some amazing teaching blogs and Pinterest.   (Please excuse the quality of the pictures... I don't own a fancy camera...)

Let's get the yucky stuff over with... Think About It:  the students have to sit for 3 minutes to "think about" their choices.  After 3 minutes, they come tell me what they thought about and how they'll turn it around.  Teacher's Choice is usually minutes off of recess.  Parent Contact is an automatic call home.  Luckily, we haven't had more than a handful of those this year.  

Time for the fun stuff....

If the students are on Outstanding and are told to move up again, they go on the Top of the Charts.  That's when they put their pins on the top of the chart (pretty self-explanatory, huh?). I think that's pretty normal.

If they are asked to move up again from there, they go Off the Charts.  That's when I get to wear their pin.  I usually just clip it on my shirt but have also clipped it in my hair, on my shoes, and on my pants to be goofy.   Once they are Off the Charts, they also get to choose a sparkle pin or pretty pin to use the next day.  Their boring, wood pin gets put aside and their sparkly, pretty pin gets put on the chart.   

Here are the pins I have now.  There are lots of new ones drying on my kitchen table right now... can't wait to show the kids!

If they are asked to move up again, they get to pick out of our Best Behavior Binder.  The idea came from Sarah at First last!.  Basically, it's a binder full of rewards like:  Stuffy Day (bring a stuffed animal), Super Supplies (use the teacher's special supplies for the day), Teacher's Shadow (sit at the special desk in the front of the class), and tons of other fun rewards.   

If they are asked to move up again, they get to pick a lollipop from our lollipop tree.  To be honest, lollipop sounds better but I normally call it a "sucker tree" in class.  Doesn't sound or look good now though.  Lollipop. Sucker.  Whatever.  They love it.   I found the idea from Michelle at Fabulous in First. I thought I had a picture of mine but I can't find it anywhere... so, take a look at other ones on pinterest


There are so many students that end up Off the Charts, picking out of the Best Behavior Binder while sucking on their "lollipop" about to clip their pretty sparkle pin to the chart.  ;)  They are ALL so good.  There was even one day where they were all Off the Charts.

That's my behavior management/rewards system... what do you do in your classroom? 

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  1. We use a clip chart too! Love top of the charts and off the charts! You always have those few who should clip up past red (top) and we weren't really sure what to do for them :) I think they'd get a kick out of us wearing their clips in our hair!!! :)