Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Currently and WINNERS!

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I love TV.  I would be happy watching TV all day long.  It's sad.

I had a lot of fun making new sparkle pins and pretty pins for my class.  Find out how I use them here.

Days off are bittersweet.  It's great to get some time away from the classroom.  But, you spend the day before your day off preparing for being gone.  So, the day before is jam packed and busy.  I guess teachers work hard for our days off, huh?  But, anywho.... I'll have next Monday off (for President's Day) and then I took Friday off (just because).  :)

It's been about 12 years since I've had my eyebrows waxed.  No!  I didn't let them grow out into a bushy uni-brow! ;)  I pluck them myself.  I just need a professional to make them pretty again.

I have a lot of time in my classroom without kids.  We are required to be at school an hour before the students but I always get there even earlier than that.  I could always use more time though.  With meetings, phone calls, copies, grading, conversations... teachers never have enough time!  I DO NOT stay after school though.  I like to scoot out as soon as I can.

Pet Peeves:
I've always been annoyed my slurping, lip-smacking, gum-chewing sounds.  Oh!  I forgot my BIGGEST pet peeve ever... silly me!  I HATE WHISTLING.  It's the one thing that turns me into the exorcist (head spinning and all).

I also don't like when my students leave glue bottles open and expect me to make it work days later.  I'm not a miracle worker!!  I should teach my students more about glue bottles in the beginning of the year.  Or, we can just use glue sticks and not worry about glue bottles! :)


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I will you be emailing you ladies later today! :) Thank you to all who entered in my very first giveaway!  It was so fun and I can't wait to do another!

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  1. Oh wow - We have the same pet peeves! :) I went to dinner the other day, and I could hear a man chewing across the restaurant... geeze! I hope you have a restful and productive time off! i found you through Farley's linky and I'm a follower! :)