Friday, January 4, 2013

What is the Plan?

I have completely forgotten what I have planned to do in my classroom next week.   Is anyone else feeling the same way?!  I remember getting everything together and ready but I can't tell you what exactly it is that I'm going to be teaching.

But, I checked my pacing guides (thankfully they are on my laptop here at home) and found out that we'll be starting PRONOUNS when we return.  Woo hoo!  I was so sick of adjectives... although my kids were LOVING learning about them.  So, I whipped up this little pronoun activity to use later in the week.  I know that we'll start out with the "easy" pronouns: he, she, it, and they.  So, I made my activity geared around just those 4.  Click the picture to check it out!

Here is the page that tells how you can use it in your classroom...  

I am always so worried that TpT activities are going to have lots of reading for the kids.  Although some of my first graders are right at grade-level with their reading abilities, a lot of them are still struggling.  So, I usually stay away from "independent" activities that have a lots of words. 

If you are the same way, don't worry!  Although this activity has sentences, I used words that are very common for first graders.  All of the names in the sentences are common names or names that can be easily sounded out.  The pictures will also help your struggling readers.  All of the pictures match the sentence.  So, if they can't read the sentence, they can look at the picture to decide which pronoun to use! :) 

Time to go figure out what else I'm supposed to be teaching when I get back on Monday! ;)  Thanks for stopping by! 

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