Thursday, January 31, 2013

Subjects/Predicates.. and My Birthday!

Do you remember learning about subjects and predicates when you were younger?  I sure don't.   But, I also don't remember learning about letter sounds, words, sentences, verbs, nouns, etc..  The ONE thing I distinctly remember learning about was long division in third grade.  Ugh.  One of my classmates had to help me at the round table because I was struggling.  So embarrassing.  :(

Enough about long division... ew.

We're working on subjects and predicates.  It was SO confusing for my students at first.  I just kept pushing through and now I feel like it has finally clicked.  (Let's hope so because the test is today!)  We did a silly activity to review for the test today.  Here's what we did...

I wrote a bunch of sentences on sentence strips.  Each student got their own sentence.  They worked in pairs so they had someone to check their answer with (just in case they didn't feel confident enough).

Then, the students talked about the subjects and predicates in their sentences.  After finding both, they cut the subject off of their sentence strip.  They all checked the subjects and predicates to make sure that the cut was in the right place... and there was only one little mistake in the whole class!

Next, we said all of the subjects and realized that they were all people or things.  :) 

Then, we switched our subjects and made some really silly sentences.  They had a BLAST.  I hope it helped with finding subjects and predicates... I guess we will find out after they take the test!

Oh... and it's my birthday!  So I'm having an AWESOME flash sale on everything in my store!  Buy yourself something cute for my birthday! ;) 

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  1. I sure don't remember doing subjects and predicates in school!! And yes, it tends to be a bit confusing for our kiddos!