Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cleanin' Up Shop!

When I started making things for Teachers Pay Teachers last July, I just started putting up things in hopes to make money.  I wasn't really thinking about making a valuable, well thought out resource for other teachers.  I just wanted to be a seller.  I wanted to make money!

I was adding some new (awesome) items the other day and noticed a lot of things that have NEVER sold.  They were the things that I threw up there in an attempt to just have more items.  I will be honest with you - they weren't my best work.  

I want people who purchase items from my store to know that ALL of the items for sale are worth buying.  So, I deleted those random ones that I wasn't 100% proud of.  Now, I can be completely proud and confident with each and every item in my store.  My next job will be to make those deleted items perfect and worth-the-money.  A lot of them were made in Word.. so the biggest job will be just moving all of the cuteness over to PowerPoint. 

So... enough rambling.  I want to spotlight some of the items that I'm really proud of.  I also wouldn't mind if you took a minute or two to pin a few of them for me.  Please?  I know that's horrible etiquette... but, I'm throwing etiquette to the wind right now.  I want my awesome items to be seen... that's all.  :) 

Thanks for checking my items out and listening to me ramble! :)

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