Monday, December 17, 2012

Weighted Lap Pads

This week is the last week of school... then 2 weeks off!  :)  I hope to spend lots of time creating.  I'm hoping to get a sewing machine for Christmas and I can't wait to start some cute crafts around the house.   I've been wanting to make some weighted lap pads for my students.  The occupational therapist told me about them last year when I had a student with severe ADHD and lots of sensory issues.  There is research behind why they work - it helps students with sensory issues and provides a calming effect.  I'm sure there is a more researched-based explanation of why and how they work... but, I do know that THEY WORK!  :)

I got some fabric quarters at Joann Fabrics for just 99 cents!  I also got some at Walmart a while ago for 97 cents!  Basically, you sew it together and fill it with about 5 lbs. of rice.  It helps to put a couple rows of stitches through the middle so the rice doesn't just fall to the sides. :)

Here are the super cute patterns I'm going to use...

Once I (hopefully) get my sewing machine, I'll put a little tutorial up of exactly how I make them!  

I'm going to make a lot because I think it will benefit many of my students... I want one for myself, too!

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