Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Classroom Happenings

I know, I know... Christmas is over.  We're all on Winter Break.   My ideas are late.  But, stick them in your back pocket for next year! ;)

I LOVE The Polar Express.  First, we graphed whether or not we read the story (no picture... sorry!).  Then, we did a quick picture walk (my students LOVE picture walks).  After reading the story, we picked out some story elements and wrote them down.  Then... for more fun, we did some fun activities with this cute (FREE) packet from Living Life Intentionally.  My favorite part of that MEGA PACK (it's AMAZING), was sequencing the events of the story.  Here are some pics from all of our Polar Express fun!

We also made some gingerbread people and described them with our super adjectives.  We've been learning about adjectives so this was the perfect activity!  I can't remember exactly where I got this from... so, I'm sorry to whoever it is!

We also did this cute activity from Shining and Sparkling in First.  First, we brainstormed some "ch" words together.  The students did an excellent job of coming up with tons of words!  Then, I set them free.  They had to use 4 marshmallows with a different "ch" word on each.  They all came out super cute.

On the Friday before break, we made some pancakes for our kiddos and watched The Polar Express.  It was so nice.  One of my students even said, "thanks for everything today".... it warmed my heart. :)

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