Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stuffed With Thankful Thoughts

What a perfect linky for Thanksgiving!  I'm linking up with Lyndsey at A Year of Many Firsts to tell you what I'm thankful for!  You should head over there and link up, too!

I'm thankful for my wonderful parents who made me the person I am today! 

Of course I'm thankful for my husband.  
He makes me laugh when I've had a bad day. 
He listens to my long stories about school, kids, blogging, and TpT. 
He would do anything for me... and I'd do anything for him.   

I'm thankful for my dog, Tobey.
He makes me so happy all the time. 

I'm thankful for my wonderful class of 21 sweethearts. 
I'm also thankful to have a job. 

I'm thankful for Teachers Pay Teachers. 
I've had so much fun creating, browsing, selling, and making some extra money. :)

I'm thankful for all of the bloggers that I follow, stalk, and aspire to be like! ;)
I'm thankful for their information, advice, and wonderful resources. 

I'm thankful for YOU for taking the time to read my blog. 
I'm thankful to all of my followers for supporting me! 

I could go on and on and on with more things that I'm thankful for... but, I don't want to bore you TOO much. Don't forget to link up!

Have a great Thanksgiving!  Thanks for stopping by!

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