Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cities/Towns and a SCOOT FREEBIE!

Hello!  It's been a while... and one heck of a week!  We had a crazy couple of days in school (trying to catch up after our 4 "hurricane days").  We celebrated Veteran's Day with the kiddos yesterday.  They were able to see and climb into two huge army vehicles.  It was so exciting for them!  I wish I took pictures!

We also talked about cities and towns and how they are different.  My students always struggle with telling the difference between the two.  They can tell me facts about each but then can't look at a picture and identify which is which.  Interesting.  Anywho, this year, I let them create towns and cities with paper.  We talked about what they have in them - buildings, stores, people, cars, trains, etc.  We also completed a venn diagram to compare the two. Then, I put them in groups and let them create.  They aren't finished yet but here's a sneak peek of how they look so far.

The big blue thing is a train. :)

 I just noticed a person on top of the house.  Hopefully that little girl wasn't glued down yet! 
The things in the air are jets.  I called them airplanes and was corrected by this group.  They are JETS. :)

I'm loving their little people.  It's crazy that some of them struggle with drawing people in their journal... but ask them to cut and glue pieces of paper together, and they can do it!  :) And, my kids worked together SO well.  I'd hear them saying, "Can you make me a shirt for my person?" or "I'll make the houses!  Can you make the cars?"... it warmed my heart.  <3

I was racking my brain with fun Thanksgiving ideas for my Math class.  I realized I needed to make some Thanksgiving themed SCOOT cards for our last days of school before Thanksgiving break!  Check out the full pack (3 sets: addition/subtraction word problems, addition sentences, and subtraction sentences) at my TpT store!  Click the image below to grab the 3 sets for just $3!

Because I appreciate my lovely followers so much, click the picture below to grab the set of subtraction SCOOT cards for FREE!  Who doesn't love a freebie?

I hope you can use these SCOOT cards in your classroom!

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by!


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