Friday, August 3, 2012

What's With the Bikes?

I don't even like to ride bikes... so, what's with the bikes on my blog?  You probably thought I was an avid rider.. but nope, I think I've been on a bike once in the last year.  It was just part of the free blog template that I got from Cutest Blog on the Block. :)

I've been super busy in the last few days and obviously neglected my blog.  But,  I was SO excited to see 6 followers :)  Thank you all for following me!!

Lakeshore was a success!  I ended up not going overboard (although it was hard to control myself).  I did some laminating, too.  It felt good to get it out of the way before heading back to school.  I could always laminate for free at school... but, that's if we have any lamination left (and we usually don't).

When I got back, I made these cute little ABC foam cubes.  The foam cubes were from Dollar Tree and the ABC stickers were from Target.  $2?! Can't beat it!  I just stickered the cubes up and slapped on some Mod Podge. 

Sorry the picture isn't the greatest.  The Mod Podge and sparkly stickers just wouldn't give up the shine - flash or no flash!

I also went to my classroom to get some stuff done... just to calm my anxiety.  We go back next week (the 8th... TOO early).  The students have an extra 2 weeks off.  We use those 2 weeks to get our rooms ready and attend A TON of professional developments and trainings.  We have a 3-day training: Capturing Kids' Hearts.  Anyone else ever go to this?  Anywho.. I found out that 5 teachers left!  We usually have a couple leave.. but, not this year!  5!  (It must not be their first-pick of places to teach either!) Yikes.  So, needless to say, they are scrambling trying to replace those teachers.

On a different note, I've decided to attempt centers.  I'll have the students complete them while I'm teaching reading groups.  I'm so sick of copying worksheet after worksheet for students that need some good hands-on learning.  But...I'm SCARED of centers.  I'm afraid I don't have enough ideas, the students won't remember what to do, or that it'll just be too much to organize and keep up with.  Any tips, ideas, or suggestions?  Please? :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back soon!


  1. We did Capturing Kids Hearts for 3 years. I think like all programs/techniques/systems...whatever you want to call it- that there are good things and bad things. I do remember there were these stories that we were "supposed" to read that I did not care for. I can say that I don't think any of us are using any part of it now. But there were parts of it that are similar to what we do now with Conscious Discipline, which I love.

    I would be happy to talk to you about literacy centers. You can email me if you want to know more and want some ideas. =)

    Heather's Heart

  2. Put up picture directions at each center. That way when the students get there, they will know what to do. You can also record your voice and then you will never have to repeat yourself. Check out Pinterest as there are many good organization, management and center ideas there!

  3. The block idea is awesome! The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite spots to hit up for anything classroom related. I just found your blog on TpT, it looks great! I've just started on the same journey as you (blogging and TpT) Best of Luck!