Friday, August 24, 2012

I *LOVE* My Students! And Therapeutic Thursday {late}!

Holy moly!  My little first graders are AMAZING!.  They are (almost) all so sweet, so helpful, and so kind.  Only 16 of my 19 little babies have actually showed up but I'm sure the other three M.I.A students will be just as great.  We've been spending the last three days learning rules and routines.  Since they are SO well-behaved, I've had more than enough time to get in some cute back-to-school crafts.  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of them (...yet). :(

There's one not-so-good thing about the first few days of school though... MY PROMETHEAN BOARD PENS DON'T WORK!  Oh my!  I've been lost without them.  It's hard to make an interactive board super-interactive for the students without the stinkin' pens! The tech guy has been working on it for the past couple days but he hasn't been able to figure it out.  He got them working twice... but it only lasted for a couple minutes. There are lots of other teachers in my building that are in the same boat, too.  It stinks!  I should be happy to have the board because I still can do some cute things with it.. but, I feel so bad for the kiddos because they can't use it at all.  Any ideas of what it might be?

So... on to Therapeutic Thursday!  After a rough day at school, my FAVORITE thing to do is give my puppy a little attention!  He calms me down SO much.  When I'm crying, he literally will "kiss" my tears away... it's the cutest thing (it sounds a little creepy now that I've typed it out for Blogland to read..).. but, he just brightens my day.  Love, love, love him!

After some good puppy therapy, I like to change into my yoga pants and $8 Target v-neck tee. Some days, when it's super-duper hot (since my school isn't air conditioned), I jump in the shower for a quick wash.  Putting clothes on when you're clean just feels so much better, huh?  :)

When I come home angry about work, I usually just unload my whole day on my husband.  He says the perfect thing to make me laugh and to calm me down.

And, lastly, I like to catch up on my shows.  I could watch TV all the time.  I'm pretty obsessed with so many shows (So You Think You Can Dance, all of the Real Housewives, Real World, Big Brother, Restaurant Impossible, Teen Mom.... and who can pass up a little Judge Judy every now and then?).  TV helps me forget about the craziness of the day. :)

Well, that's all for tonight! Gotta catch up on my shows! ;)  Thanks for stopping by!

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