Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Scoop!

Oh Daylight Savings....I don't like you.  I'm always an early bird, but something about getting up at 7 am today felt wrong.  THAT'S BECAUSE IT REALLY FELT LIKE 6! Boooo.  Usually I don't mind, but I was out late last night and I could have used some extra sleep. :)

Since I was up so early, I was able to get my Sunday Scoop ready right away! :)

I hate having a long to-do list.... this about sums it up....

Backwards Lesson Planning is in full force in first grade.  It went awesome last time and we were all so focused on our goals for the unit.  :)   My students did AMAZING on the lessons and on the assessments! :) :)  Now it's time to plan and create assessments again.  That's at the top of my to-do list.

I have gotten REALLY good about making food on Sunday for the week.   I'm not really following a diet; I'm just trying to make healthier choices.  It's so nice to have everything made and ready for the week. :)  That's also on my to-do list today - meal prep!  I have some chicken and sweet potatoes.  MMMM.

I found a way to make mashed sweet potatoes that is SO EASY.  All you do it cut them in half, put them on a sheet tray and bake them for about 45-60 minutes at 420 degrees.  Then, cool them off and scoop them out!  SOOOO easy and SOOOO yummy!

I hope I get some time to run out to Ulta. I'm running low on my make-up and have a gift card that I need to spend. ;-)   I LOVE Bare Minerals.  Love, love, love!

I also hope I get a chance to just relax and watch some TV.  It's my favorite way to unwind.  :)

The weather is supposed to warm up a little this week so I'm looking forward to walking Tobey. :)  It's been rough walking him in all the snow and with all the ice.  He's picky about where he does his business so the walks have been LONG and not so enjoyable.

We had a little scare at the vet this week.  They thought they found something when they took x-rays... so we went back for 2nd x-rays the next morning. It turns out it was just poop.  :)  Phew.  This little guy is my WORLD.

Anywho, I'm ready to tackle this to-do list!!  :)  Have a good day and don't forget to link up with Teaching Trio!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Just Because {Freebie!}

Happy Monday!

Enjoy this JUST BECAUSE freebie! :)   Click the pic to check them out!

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

WHAAAAAT!!!! (& Five for Friday)

I FINALLY made it into the TpT Newsletter!  YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!  Click the pic to check the newsletter out! My heart is beating so fast! :)

Ok, my feet are back on the ground. ;)

Anywho, I'm late for the Five for Friday party are my 5 random things from the week....!

I'm stiiillll recovering from getting rear-ended on the 18th.  My car didn't look too bad - I guess the guy did more damage to me than the car.  But, after x-rays, tons of pain meds, lots of days off, and continued physical therapy, I'm starting to feel a little better.  I'm definitely not pain-free yet though.  :(

Yep, you can totally see the outline of his license plate in the dent. Yikes.

Awww, little brother and big sister! :) 

 The 3rd grade class came down to read A Chair For My Mother to us this past week.  :)  They did SUCH a good job!  The 3rd graders did an amazing job reading and asking questions as they read.  My 1st graders LOVED it and were great listeners.  :)

We were working with 2-dimensional shapes this week.  We learned about sides and vertices while eating some shapes.  :)   For squares and rectangles: I gave them wafer cookies, Cheez-Its, and graham crackers.  Later we learned about triangles (with triangular pita chips), and circles (with round sandwich cookies).  YUM!  Anything to keep them interested and engaged!

They also did a little shape hunt around the school.  (No pics, sorry!) I gave them each a clipboard and paper and we did 5 stops around the building.  The task was simple - draw or write the shapes they saw. The best part was that they were up and moving while learning.  :)

Then we got back and  talked about the shapes we found.  We had some extra time so I just dumped out some shapes and let them explore.  This group made a rocket. ;)  Silly kids.

We've been learning about those tricky spelling patterns for long vowels.  We focused on long i (igh, ie, y) and long o (oa, oe, ow).  It is HARD for my poor little strugglers.  To make it easier, we took out the dry erase markers while we were using our fluency cards.  They had to find the letters that made the long vowel sound.  It helped SO MUCH!  :) :) :)  Good thing all of my fluency cards are laminated! :) 

Whew, time to just soak in this happiness of being in the TpT newsletter!   Enjoy your Sunday! :) 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cold Days - Highs and Lows

My students have gotten lucky with another mini Winter Break!  They only had school last Wednesday.  No school Monday (President's Day), Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or today.   Lucky little kiddos.  Teachers still have to report for cold days.  Ho hum.

I've been spending A LOT of time in bed since last Wednesday.   I got in a car accident. :(  I got rear-ended while at a stoplight....he thought it was green....but it was red.....   So, aside from appointments, taking my car in, and a short grocery trip - I've been resting and trying to heal. BOOO.

I thought I was feeling a little better so I went into work to get some stuff done in my room, but my back and neck were not havin' it.  I only lasted about 2 hours. Thankfully I had an early physical therapy appointment.  How on Earth am I going to be able to get through an entire day tomorrow? I think pain meds will be my new best friend for the next couple of days....over-the-counter pain meds, of course. :)

But, on a happy note, I have a real hard time sitting still and resting.  So, I made the most of it by making things for TpT and my class! :) Yay!  Click on the pics to check them out!

Oh, did you hear about the big sale going on this week...????

My entire store will be 20% off!  Lots of good deals! :)

Have a happy Monday!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Teaching from the HEART

Unexpected day off!  Yay!  Thank you, freezing cold weather!

I guess that means I'll be using my backwards design lessons tomorrow! ;)  The assessments were created and the activities were planned...tomorrow it'll be time for the teaching!

Can I get mushy for a second?  I feel like I've grown a lot as an educator.  I look for fun, exciting, interesting ways to teach everything.  I rely less and less on those boring worksheets and workbooks.  I have to admit, it's because of all of the awesome bloggers I follow.  They are an inspiration - filled with creativity, excitement, and love for teaching.  And, boy oh boy, it's rubbing off on me!

Anywho, back to the normal, non-gushy stuff....

I {HEART} data!  I've been doing monthly fluency tests with my students and they are ROCKING them!  I had one girl read 51 words FASTER than she did in October.  I had a boy become 70% more accurate since October.  R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S!   

How are they becoming better readers?

I make Reading FUN! :)  We use my Fluency Cards every day (as a game) to warm-up and to practice our phonics skills.  My students LOVE them!

I just put all of my Fluency Card packs into a huge bundle and I'd love for you to check it out!  :) It's 5 packs in 1 for a super discounted price.  The best thing about it is..... it is a GROWING bundle.  So, all of my fluency card packs from here on out will be added to this bundle.  That's a lifetime of fluency cards for a super discounted price! 

These Fluency Cards are SO fun to use during Reading groups.  My students get excited when I make a new set.  And, I get so excited when they are learning those tricky words and reading them in sentences! :) 

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Is It Too Late for Five for Friday?!

I'm super late to the Five for Friday party!  Oopsies!

Please forgive me... and catch up with some of the things that happened last week! :) 

 We did some Valentine's Day fun in the classroom last week.  We read some lovey dovey books.   One that we read was That Yucky Love Thing.  My students LOVED it.  It's not really a valentine book but it was about love, so we read it!

Then we read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose and did this fun sequencing activity that goes along with the book. 

I found this cute little printable on TpT by Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

 We also wrote about what love means to us.  The students' responses were sooooooooooo sweet. :)

Here are some from the students!
His dad is giving his pregnant mom a kiss! AW! 

This is from one of the boys in my class.  To him, love is when his friend (another one of my students) gives him a hug before he goes home.  SWEET! And look at that heart over the I.  These kids make my heart happy. :) 

Look at all those hearts!  Usually I'm a stickler for a correctly dotted i....but not on Valentine's Day! ;)

Here is mine!  Ah, I love my Tobey!

 My little students are becoming such better readers!  But......we had a slight setback in my lowest reading group.  They were having SUCH a hard time reading sentences.  It was probably a bad day.  We went back to our words to practice sounding out.   :)

 I adore my class this year.  They are SO into learning.  During inside recess last week, they asked if they could use the fluency cards that I use at reading groups.   OF COURSE!  Any chance to foster their love of learning, right?  Here they super cute.

Here's the best part - the boy (who was acting like the teacher) told the others that he's going to "work their booties off"!  WHAT?!  I asked him where he heard that.... and apparently I say that all the time.  Embarrassing! :)

Ugh, inside recess is driving me CRAZY.  Thank goodness for GoNoodle.  Have you seen the Inside Recess Brain Break Mega Mixes?! I'm LOVING IT!  We did the 13 minute one the other day.  AHHH it just kept the students so interested and busy.  LOVE!

I went to the Home and Garden Show with my boyfriend this weekend and we had sooo much fun.  Going anywhere with him is fun.  Here we are in front of the funhouse mirrors. :) I wish I was always that tall and skinny!
P.S....he doesn't have a cane... ;)  That's a 3 foot beef chew he bought for his doggy. :) :)

Whew, long post!  Thanks for sticking it out 'til the end! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Scoop!

Is it Sunday already?!  Thank goodness for an extra day off tomorrow! :)

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio again this week for their awesome Sunday Scoop!

The teachers at my school are very lucky and weren't required to submit lesson plans this year.

But, that's coming to an end.  We were introduced to "backward design" lesson plans this past Friday.  The whole idea of backwards design lesson planning is to set the goals first.  Then, by setting goals and creating the assessment, you can plan the activities that will help your students meet those goals.  It keeps the teaching and learning focused on the end goal.

It makes total sense, right?

Luckily, we're only expected to do the first steps of the backwards design lesson plan.  :)

I have to re-create some assessments for next week.  We have assessment that go with our Reading and Math programs but they aren't that great.  So, it's my job to make them better. Blah.  I hate assessments but LOVE data.  It's a daily struggle. ;)

That's all for now, guys!  Time to create some assessments and hopefully schedule some blog posts for the week! :)  Happy Sunday!